Wolverhampton Assessment Methodology - WAM

This website is dedicated to a new assessment methodology that uses Virtual Reality (VR) to provide students with a real life experience in their studies, and a formative assessment to track and monitor progress and development of knowledge and skills.

Giving students the possibility of emerging themselves within a real world setting whilst being in the classroom has a plethora of benefits, namely the application of theory into practice.

The implementation of Virtual Reality in the teaching and learning sector has the chance to genuinely revolutionise education.

With that being said, the use of this tool in the classroom space can allow for interesting discussions and peer assessment which evidence suggests promotes long term memory retention which is crucial for students to succeed in their future careers.

Overall, the use of VR in the classroom can help foster student engagement and increase knowledge retention paying special consideration to theoretical concepts which can often be difficult to ascertain.


A fantastic new resource that will allow students to practise their English and maths skills



Using VR allows students to immerse themselves in a salon whilst being in the classroom.


Motor Vehicle

Students will be able to explore a Motor Vehicle workshop using this exciting new resource!


A New Immersive Experience For All

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VR tools such as the Wolverhampton Assessment Methodology resources enables an immersive experience which can meaningfully enhance the learning experience for all students, particularly those with inclusion needs. Environments are adaptable to accommodate a range of ability levels, along with physical, sensory and communication levels.

For students that may struggle with unfamiliar surroundings, through VR they are able to explore environments in a non-threatening ‘learning space’ and interface with content at a pace which suits them. Additionally students can fully participate and control their learning experience thereby minimising the hurdles that may otherwise present as a barrier to their engagement. The WAM tool/project greatly enhances skills participation and offers providers an immersive tool to stimulate and utilise the sensory needs of a diverse range of students to their advantage. closing quotation marks

Curriculum Manager SLDD Pathways