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Hairdressing – Health and Safety


Within the hairdressing curriculum, Health & Safety is a must. But most tutors find H&S one of the most difficult & boring modules to deliver, that’s why using this VR package on Hazards & Risks will be handy as it has been designed to enhance learning, increase the student’s engagement allowing them not only to see or read information but experience it as a reality.

How The Package Is Used

Learners will need to:

  • Watch a video on The difference between a Hazard & Risk
  • Answer short quiz related to hazards and risks
  • Identify different hazards and evaluate the risks within the salon 
  • Summative endpoint assessment

On Completion

Successful completion of this VR resource will enable students to:

  • Locate key Health and Safety aspects around a salon
  • Apply theory to practise within the same session

Using this package will allow students to work more interactively in class, as well as promote independent learning.

VR allows students to apply theory to practise within the same session which can often engage more practical-minded students better.

VR could give students a view of environments they would otherwise not have seen or been in and allows students to experience real-world environments without constant access.

Implementing this VR activity can allow for better availability of the salon, making timetabling for the setting easier

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