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Motor Vehicle


Virtual reality (VR) refers to a computer-generated simulation in which a student can interact within an artificial three-dimensional environment using electronic devices, such as special goggles with a screen or gloves fitted with sensors.

Using VR gives teachers the chance to create visualisations that are not possible in the traditional classroom, which in turn create student interest and engagement.

For example, VR scenarios for a Motor Vehicle student could be a tour of a Motor Vehicle workshop in which they have the opportunity to pick up and examine tools and devices that are found in a workshop, interact with virtual staff and identify workplace hazards.

The advantage to teaching staff being that all this can be done without leaving the classroom.


Students will be required to:

  • Look around the workshop
  • Apply their theoretical knowledge in a creative practical way
  • Locate a variety of tools and signs around the workshop
  • Complete a matching exercise: labelling equipment
  • Identify hazards around the workshop
  • Identify preventative measure which could stop accidents occurring in the workshop

Implementation And Assessment

Successful completion of their VR experience, will enable students to:

  • Spot various tools around the workshop
  • Locate key Health and Safety aspects around the workshop
  • Apply theory to practise within the same session

A brilliant new way to learn which is fun and brings theory to life
– Motor Vehicle student

Using VR will allow students to work more interactively in class, as well as promote independent learning.

Using VR will enable students to experience and use a new form of technology that is becoming more widely used in education and work.

VR activities replicate real world experiences, such as using tools and locating them, working them other Motor Vehicle professionals.

VR also allows students to apply theory to practise within the same session which can often engage more practical minded students better. VR could give students a view of environments they would otherwise not have seen or been in.

Tutor Experience

Watch the video below to hear how our tutors and students have used VR in the motor vehicle workshop and how this resource enriches student experience.

Use Case

Health And Safety
Around The Workshop
Customer Service